Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions that you would like us to help you with? Simple drop us an email at info@bluekarbon.com.

  • 1What is the difference between a Native App and a Web Based App?

    Web-based apps run on mobile browser and are developed to provide the interface of native mobile apps. Web apps efficiently provide uniform user experience across multiple platforms.

    Native apps are developed for a specific platform like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc. These app are developed with the help of Software Development Kits(SDKs)

  • 2Can I make changes in my app after delivery or launch?
    Yes, we will provide the changes required after the app is launched. However, these services will have additional charges. We suggest adequate scope definition before the project start to avoid additional development costs post launch.
  • 3What framework or language will you use for application development?

    The framework that will be used be depend on the platform chosen by the client. For iOS we use Xcode, iOS SDK. For Android, we use the Android SDKs. We will guide the client on the advantages and disadvantages of every platform.

  • 4Is there a set standard of costs when it comes to building a mobile app?

    We provide tailor-made solutions to fit almost any budget. There are various factors like scope, complexity, platform, functionality, etc. The cost of developing an app depends on these factors. A quick conversation with our team will enable us to find the best solution.

  • 5How long will you take to develop my app?

    Our development framework and methodology enables our development team to high quality apps in short time frame.Our development process is seamless and custom apps requiring a significant amount of programming may take additional time.

  • 6What benefits does a mobile app enjoy over a mobile website?

    Dedicated mobile apps are better than mobile websites as they provide more engaging experience and are user centric. Mobile apps have the capability to archive the data to memory which enables access to offline content.

  • 7How much technical work is involved at my end to develop my app?

    We handle all the technical work, from developing the app to submitting the completed app to the App Store and GooglePlay. We provide suggestion in determining the content and the graphics for the app. We also give constant updates so you can provide additional guidelines in the development process.